Apart from modelling in front screen, I like to try a new way of modelling is by using Virtual Reality and the software I have been using is called MasterpieceVR. I found it comfortable and quicker process in making content for Virtual Reality apps/games/films. I was inspired from makers of ArchangleVR when I watched their behind the scenes video, and the great quote was “If you’re working on a VR game and if you want to see something in VR, why not design something already in VR”. It does make total sense, and I would like to be part of a job environment to use VR modelling tools in a working pipeline.

Here’s YouTube link to my channel to see behind scenes recorded from VR experiences when doing modelling. Click KAWS-INFINITY




“Dark worlder”


“Lady MOnster”


“Space Invaders”

“Viking House Ruins”

“Hipster Bunny”

“The Great Wave off Kanagawa”

“A Red Tree From Outer Space”

“Skeleton Motorcycle”

VR Preview of modelling experience