In my spare time, I work with different artists to make fun art experimentation in making Virtual Reality apps.


I was volunteering in a BeatSaber collaboration with Jaroslav Beck (Maker of BeatSaber), SubPac, DeafRave Society, and Rave PlayLabZ researching about can deaf people compete against gamers by using SubPacs (Vibration Vests) to feel beats of the sound. Within PlayLabZ we helped market BeatSaber in events such as Immerse(d) 2019 (Music + Health + Technology) and Voxburner YMS 2019 in London.

Please feel free to check out the VR game

When first met Jaroslav Beck (Maker of Beatsaber) in prep for Immerse(d) 2019


To remake the app into a 4K 360 film for YouTube as well as doing updating the mobile system with Google VR SDK. (STILL UNDER PROGRESS)

Feel free to try out the app

Screenshot from Hack The Planet


District 5 VR as part of theatre experience with BoomTown music festival in the UK in which few members of the audience get kidnapped to try out the VR experience as part of the narrative.

Gameplay District 5 VR

Boomtown CH9: The Theatrical Maze in which includes VR app in the narrative to hack the system and it leads to different outcomes if the players have failed or succeed.


To remake the app into a 4K 360 film as well as changing the environments. (STILL UNDER PROGRESS)