In my old multi-task job at a South Korean company DoubleMe, I used to be a Mixed/Virtual Reality Designer / Quality Assurance / Marketing as part of the UK team in creating content for Mixed Reality app called LoopSpace. The UK team had done a lot of work as the main focus for the company to support social good, education, science, art and communication. Below are the videos of the experiences

The producer of Hollywood’s original Starwars and Indiana Jones trilogies and more, who came to visit the Holoportal at Ravensbourne, then we all joined in a nice tour of the pop up Hollywood museum.

Using the Structure Sensor on the Ipad to scan 3D models of Biffy Clyro band, then view it on the HoloLens as part of the V&A London Design Festival 2018 event.

Using the Structure Sensor on the Ipad to scan 3D models, then view it on the HoloLens as part of the London Tattoo Convention 2018

Christmans Jumper Day event to support the “Save The Childrens” charity by doing a fun Karaoke Party with Mixed Reality

Rachel Ara is the artist in residence for the V&A Research Institute (VARI). Informed by her research into the Museum’s collections, systems and data, Ara created a site-specific mixed-reality work which explored the hidden stories behind the Santa Chiara Chapel in our Medieval and Renaissance Galleries.

A workshop with the students from Digital Advertising about how they can use the LoopSpace HoloPortal as an advantage over the government banned protesters in specific areas. Funny enough the government can’t touch a hologram because it’s not a physical lifeform.

Couture In Orbit project was a fun calloboration work with EU Space Agency and Ravensbourne Fashion students.

Helping out Ravensbourne Open Day to allow visitors to try out LoopSpace Holoportal

Lexus car promotion with a hologram at Film Spring Open Workshop 2018

Vodaphone 5G Holographic Call

Experimenting Mixed Reality Characters made by the Animation Students at Ravensbourne University as part of Animation Futures workshop.

Mobile World Congress 2018, featuring BBC Click doing a documentary of the DoubleMe LoopSpace HoloPortal.

Virtual Surgeon with Professor Shafi Ahmed being holoported to meet a patient as part of the medical video report.

HoloBoxing made by the British Telecom (BT) students as part of the workshop in teaching students to create a prototype/pitch to the BT Marketing Team.

I was exploring Comic-Con with the HoloLens as well showing the Holo-Yoka which is a holographic fursuit captured with the tablet.