Embrace The Power


Howdy, my name is Chris. I am a VR Artist / Experience Designer. I enjoy doing 3D modelling work in virtual reality to create content for apps, games, film and VR experiences. I am open to creative opportunities to build something awesome together by doing a collaboration or work in the studio.

I enjoy creating 3D contents within Virtual Reality such as MasterpieceVR, Gravity Sketch and Kodon. In the future, I hope 3D industries such as games and films will adopt more in using VR as a tool. I support open-source software Blender because it gives more opportunities to work with other artists and game designers closer when producing low budget projects.

I do Unity experimentation in creating different experiences as well as working with various artists to make fun art experimentation in making apps.

I’ve created my artist nickname KAWS INFINITY in which the four letters represent my full name in Polish. With a mix of INFINITY because there are no limits in imagination.